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SoundClouder of the Day |  Andy the Flutemaker

Andy Carter is a musician from Helston, England who has recorded music since March 2011. He’s a multi-talented musician, playing keyboard, banjo guitar, and of course, the flute–both the side-blown flute and the Shakuhachi which is a traditional Japanese bamboo flute. 

Enjoy his easy-listening instrumental tracks like “Just relax,” featuring great guitar and drums that flow nicely and melodically. 

Hear more at

Via SoundCloud

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Niki Skyler: Sexy Skyler

Hey guys, Dillion Harper here, and I am so honored to be chosen as your Twistys Treat of the Month for May 2014!

I originally got into the industry about three years ago through webcamming, when a member suggested I send some of my pictures to local studios.

I really want to be a huge success in the industry, and I just love meeting and signing for all of my fans at conventions.

I love Twistys, and I hope you guys enjoy having me as your Treat of the Month!

Dillion Harper xoxoxo | Come check me out!

Deu no Bloomberg: se vai ao Rio na Copa, deixe o cordão de ouro em casa!

Fonte: Bloomberg

Muitos brasileiros ficaram empolgados com a possibilidade de o país virar vitrine mundial com a Copa e as Olimpíadas. Os gringos ficariam encantados com nossas maravilhas, e o Brasil está na moda. Esqueceram só de um detalhe: não é possível viver apenas de aparências. Inevitavelmente a sujeira toda que estamos acostumados a encarar por aqui, […]

Ryan Ryans: Sophistically Sexy

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